Kidtraits School Portraits

Free at the "Tree"

 No session fee for OCTOBER

  • Multiple proofs provided (6-8 proofs per child)
  • less expensive packages starting as low as $17.54!
  1. Package A- 3-5x7 & 2-4x6's Only $17.54
  2. Package B - 4-5x7 4-4x6 only $24.95
  3. Package C - 1-8x10, 2-5x7 6-4x6 & 8 wallets Only $35.80                        (package  C also includes free digital file e-mailed to you!)

  • Economical add-ons:
  • add 8x10's for only $10 each
  • add wallet sheets  for only $10
  • add 2-5x7 for only $10
  • Gift Photo mugs $18

  • Digital image included free with C package!
  • or can be purchased for $15 with any package purchase
  • If all you want is a digital image ...(We can do that)
  • only $25. without any print package purchase!

  • Choice of multiple Green screen backgrounds
  • Family Plan available for 3 or more children 
  • Group photo of siblings together provided with each session                (for those with brother/sisters)
  • Retouching available
  • Bookings available after school 3:30-5:30 PM


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